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Removing A Clog From Your Washing Machine: What You Need To Do

Your washing machine uses soap and water to clean your clothing. It spins quickly to remove the soap and water from your clothing and from your machine, then drains down the drain and out of your home. If your drain is clogged though, the water is not going to be able to go anywhere. A clog in your system can put a damper in your washing chore and leave you without a machine to get this task done. To remove a clog from your washing machine, there are a few things you can do. Read on for tips to remove the clog and help you get your laundry chores done.

Remove The Water

So you can get a closer look at your machine and the drain in your machine, you need to drain the water out somehow. Use a cup to remove the water, or if you can, siphon the water out with a hose and suction. You can also use a shop vacuum with an extension hose to suck out the water. Once you have the standing water out of the machine, you can get a look at what may be blocking the drain.

Look Inside The Washtub

Take a close look inside the washtub and feel around for anything that could be blocking the drains inside. If you don't see anything in the washtub, feel around the agitator and see if there is anything around the agitator that may be blocking the drain. If you don't feel anything inside the washtub, it may be further inside your machine.

Check Inside The Filter

If the filter inside the machine is clogged with something such as a small sock or a pair of underwear, it can block the water from getting through. Find the filter in your machine and see if it is clogged with anything. Lint and other belongings left in pockets may also cause this type of clog. Remove anything blocking the filter and test your washing machine. If you didn't see anything in the filter, it could be something in your drain line.

Clear Out The Drain Line

Remove the drain line attached to your machine. If this drain line is clogged, it could be causing a problem for you with water being in your machine. Use a store-bought drain clearing solution and pour it into the drain line. Things such as lint can be clogging this drain line, as well as soap scum or even calcium buildup. If need be, use a drain-clearing snake to snake this line as well.

If you have a clog in your washing machine, use the tips above to help remove the clog. If you continue to have an issue with water in your machine, call a washing machine repair contractor for help repairing your machine.