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2 Things To Try When Your Dishwasher Does Not Clean The Dishes

When a dishwasher quits washing the dishes, things can become frustrating. If you have a dishwasher that's serving as more of a drying machine because you have to wash the dishes before you put them into it, it's time to find out what's going on with it. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you decide if it's time to replace your dishwasher or if it can be repaired.

Run a Cleaning Cycle

How long has it been since your dishwasher has been cleaned? Many people have no idea that the dishwasher actually has to be cleaned from time to time to ensure that it continues to operate optimally.

Head to your local grocery or home improvement store – pick up a package of dishwasher cleaning solution. This solution is poured into the soap dispenser in your dishwasher and contains the components needed to remove the built up inside your dishwasher. This is more than just to remove the smell – it removes the buildup of hard water and sediment that may have settled into the machine and are preventing it from operating properly.

Before you start ripping your dishwasher apart to make repairs, try cleaning it – the jets that were clogged may come open and begin working effectively again.

Change Products

If you've been using one kind of dishwashing detergent, it might be time to think about changing it up for a bit. If you're using cheap products, the detergent may actually be contributing to the dirty dishes problem. If the detergent doesn't rinse away completely, the dishes will become dull looking and can even develop a white coating over them.

Try choosing from the best rated dishwashing detergent products. If you have hard water, look for products specifically formulated to combat the contaminants to break them down before they can coat the dishwasher and the dishes that are being washed inside.

Don't forget the rinse aid – this product may seem unnecessary, but it really does make a huge difference in how quickly your dishes dry, which has an impact on how the dishes look when they're done.

If these two changes don't improve the performance of the dishwasher, contact your local appliance repair technician. He or she will come out and inspect the machine to find out what's preventing it from operating properly. In the end, you may be given the option to replace or repair the existing machine – the technician will help you weigh your options and come to the best decision for your household.

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