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5 Features Not To Overlook When Choosing A New Refrigerator

When it comes to choosing a new refrigerator for your home, you definitely shouldn't skip out on some of the latest and greatest features. Not only do these features make the refrigerator more convenient for you to use, but it also makes the refrigerator more energy efficient so you can expect to see a pretty big decrease in the amount you are spending on your energy bill each month. Here are five features not to overlook.

  1. Alarms and Locks: If you have young children in the home, this is especially important not to overlook. The alarm will go off when the refrigerator door has been open for too long and the locks will prevent young children from getting into the fridge and grabbing certain foods without your permission. Even if you don't have kids, however, you can use an alarm feature because you never know when the fridge might accidentally not shut all of the way. This way, you are keeping energy efficiency of the appliance as high as possible. 
  2. Spill Proof Shelves: Spill proof shelves are definitely ideal for anyone because it contains any spills to that shelf rather than allowing the liquid to spill over to the bottom of the fridge. This also prevents the spills from getting into areas of the fridge that are difficult to reach in order to clean it. 
  3. LED Displays: Displays on the refrigerator doors are a relatively new feature that can make the use of your refrigerator really convenient. These displays are often touch screen that allows you to adjust temperatures, write notes, such as grocery list notes, display family pictures, and more. This can definitely be a great refrigerator for anyone, especially those interested in smart home technology. 
  4. Hidden Ice Maker: Rather than having the ice maker taking up space in the freezer, it instead is hidden on the front of the fridge with a separate door handle. Since it's right in the front, you don't have to open the freezer every time you need ice, which also maximizes energy efficiency and it saves space in the freezer, as well. 
  5. Specialty Features for Entertainment: Finally, if you are someone who enjoys entertaining, you might consider a specialty feature for the fridge, such as a built-in wine cooler that keeps wine at the desired temperatures or a kegerator that does the same for beer. 

Shopping for refrigerators can seem so basic, but it's important not to overlook certain features that can definitely improve your lifestyle even if it's just in a small way.