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Are You Having Trouble With Your Furnace? Here Are Some Tips To Help Find The Trouble

Now that the weather is getting colder in much of the country, you want to be assured that your furnace is in good working condition. When you turn it on or switch the mechanism from cooling to heating, and you find that it's either not blowing any heat or perhaps not much heat, there are some tips to follow to find what the trouble might be before you bring in the home furnace repair professionals.

No Flame or Pilot Light

If you have turned on your furnace and find that there is no heat at all and when you check, there is no gas flame or pilot light, there are a couple of things to try. If you have an older furnace and your pilot light won't stay lit, it is possible that the thermocouple may be loose or perhaps not working right. If you find the thermocouple is clogged, then take a thin piece of wire, after turning off the gas to the furnace and shutting off the circuit breaker to the furnace, and poke the wire into the area where the pilot light should be. You are looking to knock off any debris that might be there.

You may also be able to adjust the height of the flame if it's too low. For an electronic ignition furnace, turn down the thermostat or turn off the power to the furnace and turn it back on. You can also reset the ignition control module. Your owner's manual should tell you how your model will work.

Heating Problems

If you find that the furnace is working but you aren't getting enough heat for the home, then make sure nothing is blocking the flow of air. You can have your ducts cleaned by a professional to ensure good airflow. It might seem obvious but it does happen that the thermostat is not turned to "heat". Along the same lines, check that the fan is set to "auto" or "on" as well. If they are in their proper positions, then try turning the thermostat up a bit and wait a few minutes

Make sure your room registers are open and not clogged with dust or debris, and check that your furnace filter is clean, if it's dirty, change it out for a fresh one. You should also check to see if the furnace's circuit breaker is functioning and hasn't blown, if it has, replace it.