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Why Your AC Didn't Work as Well This Summer

On a hot summer day, no one wants to see the AC not working up to its optimum capacity. If your AC has some cooling problems, the causes could be technical as well as non-technical. Here are the most common reasons why your AC might not work well on a summer day.

Clogged air filters

Clogged air filters cannot allow the air flow properly. This will reduce the cooling capacity of the AC. Depending on the condition, either clean the air filters or replace them altogether.

Not enough coolant

The role of the coolant is to circulate through the evaporator coils and cool the air flowing over it. Hence if the level of the coolant comes down, the AC will not cool properly. This is the time for you to call a professional AC services team to top up the coolant and refill it.

Dirty coils

If the condenser coils are dirty or clogged with debris, the AC might not be cold enough. The condenser functions like a radiator that usually dispenses the heat that was removed from the air. In order to dissipate the heat outside, the condenser coil must be clean. When the coils get dirty, the efficiency of the air conditioner goes down.

Defective compressor

The compressor is the most important component of an air conditioning unit that cools the room. If the condenser is defective, then the AC might not work properly. The compressor plays the role of compressing the refrigerant or coolant and circulates the refrigerant via the evaporator and condenser coils. When the compressor fails, the cooling cycle does not happen and the AC can't cool properly.

Thermostat not working

The thermostat is the sensor that gauges the temperature of the room and signals the compressor to start or stop the cooling cycle. A faulty thermostat will lead to the air conditioner not cooling at all or not cooling continuously.

Faulty parts

The other parts that can go wrong in an AC machine include the run capacitor of the compressor, control board, thermistor, capillary, and motor.

Very high temperature in the atmosphere

Every air conditioning unit comes with an optimum operating temperature for working most effectively. When the temperature goes up beyond this optimum temperature, the machine's efficiency comes down. When the atmosphere is so hot, the AC stops working completely.

Faulty AC Remote

If the remote is faulty and does not send signals to the AC unit to change the temperature, the AC's functioning can go wrong. Just replacing the remote will solve the issue. A service like Ron Hammes Refrigeration can help.